• CNC/CAM fabrication, SLM, rotating and high-tech mortising machine.

    High quality and complexity are our specialty.

  • NEU: Seit Januar bei REWaG in Aktion – unsere 3D Metal Printing Anlage ProX

    Unsere Zielsetzung ist ehrgeizig: Mit führender SLM-Technologie (selective laser melting) wollen wir bislang unmögliche Konturen maschinell herstellen. Zum Beispiel Kühlkanäle mit beliebiger Geometrie oder Metall-Leichtbauteile mit wabenartigen Strukturen oder hoch komplexe Geometrien, die sich kaum oder gar nicht zerspanen lassen oder Produkte, die bisher in mehreren Teilen produziert und zusammengefügt werden mussten.

    Interessante Kundenvorteile:

    • Präzisions-Laserschmelzen in höchster Flexibilität und
    • Verschiedenste Metalle und Legierungen verarbeitbar
    • Unübertroffener Spielraum in Konstruktion und Fertigung
    • Hoch effizientes Material- und Energiemanagement
    • Komplettservice von der Entwicklung bis zum verpackten Produkt
    • 3D Expert Software im Haus, damit wir sie im Bereich Leichtbau Oberflächenstrukturen usw. unterstützen können.
  • Special strengths

    CNC/CAM fabrication, turning parts and high tech milling machines. Challenging parts in Geometry, tolerance and material. Quantity up to 500'000.

    • Multi complex turned-milled parts up to 4 tools simultaneously
    • Deep hole drilling up to Ø 10, thread whirling, high-frequency milling machine
    • 5-axis milled parts, simultaneous milling, U-axis, high pressure IKZ
    • With 80 pallets and 200 tools
    • Tactile and optical measuring technique, Zeiss KMG, starret video measuring machine
    • SLM metal 3D print
    • Parts are purified free of greace – with ultrasonic sound and vacuum drying
    • Laser inscription, e.g. logo or serial number
    • Hardening, anodizing, gold coating
    • Rustproof, aluminum, brass, steel, titan
    • Measuring technique with modern devices

    > Leistungsangebot im Überblick (PDF)
    > REWaG Maschinen und Prozesse (PDF)
    REWaG SQS zertifiziert (PDF)
    REWaG IQNet zertifiziert (PDF)

  • Search terms

    The REWaG performance breadth in keywords from A to Z

    Group of components
    • Production of the single components
    • Purchase of the standard part
    • Installation of the entire group of components
    • Function control, measurement report
    • Packaging and labeling
    • Delivery

    We are providing all kinds of coating at our approved provider. We provide you with completely pre-finished components.


    We are able to offer well-fitting solutions in 3D by means of our partner company.


    All our machines can be programmed directly with 3D data (stepfile).

    CNC milling machine

    We provide you with protoypes, pilot series and serial productions up to 6-axe-milled components. High-precision components of machine construction, precision engineering, medical technology, sensor system, electronic engineering, optical characteristics, pharmaceuticals, high pressure hydraulics engineering, automotive and watch industry.

    Bar turning

    Not only for the watch industry or the medical technology but also for machine construction, electronic engineering, optical characteristics, pharmaceuticals and telecommunications high complex components can be fabricated on longitudinal lathes in precision of a watch. In small and in big quantity.

    Definition Bar Turning

    Turned-milled parts

    Our strength lies in the combination. Completed after manufacturing with no additional handling.

    Reference products


    For highly precise eroding machining we have a diesinking machine with a pallet and electrode changer. For the work with a wire cutter we come back to qualified partners.

    ERP System

    Responsible index administration. Documented production sequences


    Milled components

    Complex tasks are our strength. 6-axe-milling machines with a high degree of automation for serial productions and a flexible system for a high readiness for delivery. Spindle with 28'000 turns/min for highest metal removal.

    Reference products

    Freeform surface milling machine

    Is possible with milled parts as well as with turned-milled parts on the turning centers. CAM and machines are equiped with this technology. Moreover there is the possibility of 5-axis simultaneous, curve and angus channel milling. In addition it is possible to measure the contours by means of our scanner and we are able to represent comparisons of the volume models. 

    Thread whirling

    This process is suitable for threads with a small diameter and high edges. For example for bone screws with long elevating screws with a small diameter or for exotic materials which are not machinable easily.


    With special material and processes it is often beneficial to temper the raw material and machined parts in order to reduce possible tension.
    This is what we offer you with the appropriate partners.


    Thanks to our partners in Switzerland we are always able to access the required technologies.

    Definition Hardening

    High frequency milling machine

    With up to 60'000 turns/min we mortise smallest parts, e.g. with the 0.3 mm milling cutter, or we drill up to 50x D with Ø 0.6 mm.

    Laser marking

    We are able to inscribe workpieces with serial numbers and logos with our facility.
    We can also provide decorative highly challenging surfaces and graphics with our partners.

    Delivery / toll / logistics

    We deliver the desired product packed to your house. From the individual component wrapper to the bulk material as well as from the single delivery to blanket orders and kanban.

    Either with our own delivery vehicle or with the mailing department. We also like to deliver our clients overseas with the different delivery services. 


    The Installation of group of components is one of our core capabilities as well as the purchasing and all the logistic things from standardise components to packaging and labels.  

    Measuring technique/ check

    The important thing when measuring and checking is understanding the conceptualities, standards and processes on a right way. 

    Measuring equipment

    concept/ standards


    First we need to define the word quality. Therefor standards and systems like ISO9001, ISO13485, DIN or VDA are used. Quality is the excellence of an object, a process or a system. From our point of view quality means a lot more, cause we live the TCO idea. The hole process form the first touch to the delivery  to the incoming payments is important. All processes are influenced by our quality. Our principle is to deliver the goods in the necessary quality at the right moment to the right place. All toghether is 100% delivery quality. 


    Four basic points of quality according to Crosby


    For highly precise grinding we provide approved and qualified partners. Often grinding can be omitted if we use a simple hard machining if we change the material or if we displace it on the machining center. We like to advise you. 

    SLM Selecitve Laser Melting

    Metal 3D printing

    Link selective laser melting

    Deep-hole drilling

    Ask us if you are looking for extremely small drilling. We are using high tech.

    Vibratory grinding

    In order to deflashing or polishing surfaces as well as for wet methods or dry processes we have the appropriate technologies in-house. We are happy to discuss your wishes and our possibilities.

    Certificates / quality control
  • Machines and processes

    CNC-Turning center

    Traub TNL 26 K
    • 13-axe-turned-milled center for highly complex components
    • Up to 4 tools simultaneously inserted
    • Bar turning up tp Ø 32 mm
    • Deep-hole-drilling with 120 bar to Ø 10 mm and up to 50x Ø
    • Millilng up to 60'000 turns/min
    EMCO turn 3-42
    • Ø 6 mm to Ø 42 mm bar turning 750 mm
    • Up to Ø 160 mm lining
    • Max. length 300 mm
    • Axes (X/Z) with tailstock
    • 2-axes with tailstock
    EMCO Maxxturn 45 SMY

    (Lot sizes 1 - 200 pieces)

    • Up to Ø 45 mm bar turning of 750 mm
    • 6-axes-turned-milled center especially made for smallest series of high complexity
    • Inclined drilling
    • Smallest drilling Ø 0.1 mm, 1 mm deep (10xØ)
    • Smallest drilling Ø 0.6 mm, 18 mm deep (50xØ)
    • Milling up to 60'000 turns/min
    Citizen L32 (lathe)
    • Up to Ø 32 mm bar turning
    • 7-axe-turned-milled center for complex components
    • Lathe adaptation up to 1000 mm


    GROB G350

    (Lot sizes 1 - 100'000 pieces)

    • X/Y/Z 600/770/805
    • Component sizes from 1/1/1 to 300/300/300
    • 28'000 turns/min, 63 Nm
    • 5-axis simultaneous milling
    • 6 axes, 210 tools
    • Pallet handling with 80 pallet spaces
    • Hard milling

    This machine allowed us to send single components/ prototyps flexible and short term. Therefor other processes don`t Need to wait. With our high degree of automation we have the possibility to produce high unit numbers short term and we are able to produce flexible call-off orders. Cause of the 5-axis simultaneous milling Technology we can make high complex geometries and use it for high machining performance. Our machine has an extremly high rigidity so we are able to finish hard milling, deep hole drilling or grinding processes directly on the machine. This is one reason we have no reclamping Errors and reach highest possible precision and productivity. An other advantage thanks to the high stability is the possibility to machine challenging materials like titanium, tungsten or TZM. We cut what other use as a tool. All this abilities, our helpdesk and the cooperation with you leads to success. We are pleased about your challenges and ideas.

    DMU 50T
    • X/Y/Z 500/400/500
    • With swivel table and circular table
    • 4. / 5. axes
    • Visual tool adjuster

    SLM Selectiv Laser Melting

    3D System Pro X100

    (Lot sizes 1 - 10`000 pieces)

    Optional follow-on operation inhouse:

    • Spannungsarm
    • Machining
    • Corundum blasting
    • Glass bead blasting
    • Trowalisieren
    • Clean with ultrasonic
    • Measure with 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine


    • Coating
    • Hardening process


    Charmilles Roboform 35P with QCRI

    (Lot sizes 1 - 50'000 pieces)

    • X/Y/Z 350/250/300
    • Electrode-handling with 54 spaces
    • Pallet-handling with 8 pallet spaces

    CAM CNC-programming

    hyperMill von OPEN MIND

    With our latest version from hyperMill we are ready for:

    • high efficient machining
    • highest volume machining
    • shortest Verfahrwege
    • complex geometries
    • modern tool using
    • generating the highest customer benefits

    We program our machines in CAM and are exporting manual not programmable operations on all free-form-contours, face milling and others. Free-form-milling-contours directly at turning-part means: Manufacturing complex component without mistake of transformation in a chucking.

    Laser marking machine

    • X/Y/Z 400/300/100 mm
    • Ø 20 mm to Ø 100 mm
    • Laser marking e.g. logo, serial number etc.
    • On steel, rustproof, aluminum anodised (preferred data type EPS)

    Component cleaning station

    • One-chamber washing station with ultrasonic sound
    • For small and big series
    • With vacuum drying smalest drillings will be dry
    • Certificate of cleanliness with surface tension testing
    • Cleaning is also possible as a service, as a bulk or as a component handling - Please just ask!

    Measuring laboratory
    • KMG Zeiss Micura (Probe ball of 0.3mm and Eo off 0.7+L/400µm) >NEW
    • Video-measuring projector, enlargement 200-times DXF-comparative measurement,
    • Altimeter up to 300 mm
    • Plug gauge 0.1 mm to 8 mm (graduation 0.01 mm) Additional measurement up to 200 mm
    • measuring laboratory Tasks

    After the best programming and the advanced manufacturing it is important to provide quality evidence. This is the future manufacturing. A cost optimazing supply chain include a delivery of the products within a Q-evidence, with the Advantage that an arrival product check isn`t necessary anymore. The combination of different measuring maching, like tactile, optical or conventional, helps to solve every measuring task. From the simple measuring, to postion measuring, to tolerance measuring or to surface quality measuring everthing is possible. And furthermore we can generate all documents within the requested certificate and the analysis. A few examples:

    • FMEA
    • Material certificate
    • batch proof
    • MSA, CMK, CPK
    • Analysis

    Your wishes and norms are welcome.

    Link Zeiss measuring machine

    Surface treatment

    Hardening, grinding, anodising, powder coating, etc. through our proven partners.


    With REWaG-bus or through shipper.

    REWaG in pictures

  • Company Profile and Team

    The REWaG Feinmechanik AG in Waldkirch SG is specialized on CNC-manufacturing and rotating in high-quality performance and multifaceted finishing with a quantity up to 300'000. We are well equipped with challenging projects, from single components to the completed product.

    Our performances in CNC-fabrication and rotating

    • Consulting
    • Design
    • CAD, CAM
    • Choice of material
    • Production
    • Finishing
    • Individual wrapping and logistics

    The REWaG-Team is bonding industrial arts with the latest computer-based production. With this mix we achieve first-class results in quality, target date and price.

    Challenge us. We are excited.

    Reto Streuli


    André Weber

    Leiter AVOR, CNC-Fräsen & Messtechnik

    René Thoma


    Thomas Egli

    Sales Manager

    Corinne Hollenstein

    Kaufmännische Leitung

    Matthias Schenk

    Leiter CNC-Drehen & Additive Fertigung (SLM)

    Erich Renggli

    Graduate Mechanical Engineer TS, CEO

    Thomas Egli

    Graduate Mechanical Engineer, TS Assistant General Manager

  • Contact

    REWaG Feinmechanik AG
    Hauptwilerstrasse 17
    9205 Waldkirch/Schweiz
    Tel. +41 71 433 28 20
    Fax. +41 71 433 28 21