Solution Development
Comprehensive technical advice from the design to the finished part.

Production Engineering

REWAG Feinmechanik AG, as an experienced and competent partner to demanding industries, offers comprehensive advice for the technical and economic production of complex components and assemblies.

Solution Development

  • Consulting for demanding complete solutions from design to finished part
  • Production-technical feasibility studies (production processes, manufacturability, choice of materials, tolerances and risk analysis)
  • Cost optimization for economical mass production

Business Case

  1. Singles-source supplier of key components for global corporations
  2. Production optimization of sophisticated tungsten part. Processing time from 4 hours (actual) to 53 minutes (customer request 2 hours)
  3. Complex part made of V4A new from one (1) piece (solid material) as an alternative to multipart welded solution. Result: cost reduction -25%, lead time -50%, security risk eliminated