CNC/CAM manufacturing for ambitious
parts in highest precision.

Precision manufacturing

Precision manufacturing has been one of our absolute core competencies since the company was founded. We have always mastered the highest quality requirements and time challenges with absolute reliability.

When manufacturing components from various metals, titanium, Inconel, molybdenum, tungsten and many other special materials, we rely on state-of-the-art infrastructure and outstandingly qualified personnel.

CNC Turn/Mill-Center

  • up to Ø 32 mm production from 3 m bars
  • up to Ø 45 mm production from 0.75 m bars
  • up to Ø 160 mm chuck-clamped parts
  • Micro drilling from Ø 0.3 mm

13-axis-CNC-turn/mill-center for highly complex parts up to 4 tools used simultaneously. Deep-hole drilling, Micro drilling, Long turned parts.

CNC Milling-Center

  • Milling work pieces up to 6-axis-machining
  • 5-axis simultaneous milling
  • U-axis for valve seating, sealing face, complex turning contour
  • Spindle rotation 28’000 rpm / 63 Nm
  • Tool magazine for 210 tools, pallet changer for 80 pallets (24/7 production)
  • Size of pieces 300/300/300 simultaneous, interference circle diameter of 600 mm

6-axis-milling-center for complex geometry in highest precision, efficient thanks to the rational palette-handling and work piece administrative department.


Thanks to modern CAD/CAM workstations, we support the targeted and efficient programming of complex components.

hyperMILL, Coscom and WinFlex up to date always bring us one step further.

CNC sinking EDM

X/Y/Z 350/250/300 Electrode-handling with 54 places, Pallet-changer with 8 pallet place

Parts cleaning system

Parts cleaner with ultra-sonic, vapor degreasing and vacuum drying.

REWAG supplies all components «Ready to Use». Thanks to state-of-the-art cleaning systems, no residues remain.